Spring 2023 Tournament Details


Teams will consist of adult Men, Women, or Mixed over 18 years of age.

  • SP tournament will be USBC certified. All bowlers must be a current member of USBC.
  • Handicaps will be based on the bowler’s composite 2021-22 book average of 21 games or more listed on bowl.com. If no 2021-22 average, bowlers will use composite 2020-21 book average of 21 games or more listed on bowl.com. If neither, apply bowler will use: Men 225 – Women 180 scratch averages.
  • Handicap used will be 90% of 240.
  • The ration for prize distribution will not be more than one winner out of every eight entrants in each event, except all events which is one out of 20. A bowler must bowl all three events to qualify for all events monies. No prize will be issued under $90.
  • Bowlers may enter multiple doubles (lane availability permitting) and may only bowl singles once. A bowler will be permitted to bowl team event more than once in the prize list for position standings. A bowler’s first appearance in team event shall count towards the bowler’s all events score.
  • Walk-ins will be permitted with lane availability.
  • A return check charge will be $25. Please make checks payable to Gold Dust West.
  • USBC Rule Book will govern any rules not listed above.